Meet us at AssetRush


We are very excited to participate in the AssetRush event and meet over 500 professional investors and financial intermediaries.

Reto Affolter, ISP Group’s Head of Paying Agent Services, is one of the event’s 15 keynote speakers. Reto will dive into ISP Group’s role in the financial ecosystem and share some insights on the paying agent function. 


Besides Reto, visitors will also have the chance to meet Marco Bartolucci, CEO; Harald Siegel, CFO; Julia Hauser, Deputy Head Paying Agent Services; Florind Bojku, Head Trading & Execution; Kristina Nikolendzic, Relationship Manager; Sara Bassi, Account Manager; Thiago Kuhlmann, Account Manager; and Kaja Koneczna, Trading & Execution.


AssetRush is a networking event for professional investors and financial intermediaries. The event is going into its fifth year and will take place on Wednesday, 15 June, at Kaufleuten Klub & Festsaal in Zurich. Over 500 guests and 52 sponsors are expected at the event.


We are looking forward to meeting you there! 


Order your tickets today! 

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