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Securitisation Solutions

Securitisation is the process of creating a marketable financial instrument in order to invest in a defined asset or asset pool.  Today, securitisation transactions have not only grown massively in developed markets, but also have evolved to become an important part of the global capital markets, particularly in the European and US markets.


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Securitising Fund Shares

A Feeder Solution for Offshore Funds
The securitisation solution provides a bridge between the offshore fund and the investor. The fund managers get access to qualified investors through a new channel of broker dealers and private banks. 

Securitisation for Real Estate Strategies

While there is a variety of ways to access the real estate market, some structures are more efficient than others. The securitisation of real estate provides an interesting alternative.

Securitising Non-Bankable Assets

Art and other Exotic Investments

Art has become increasingly popular as an asset class. 

Learn how to invest in art and other exotic assets.

Islamic Finance

Islamic finance products are asset-based or asset-backed. As such, an asset-backed security or securitisation vehicle seems to be the natural fit for structuring Islamic finance transactions. 

Actively Managed Certificates

An actively managed certificate (AMC) is a financial instrument that transforms your intended investment strategy or non-bankable assets into securitised products with a maximum degree of flexibility. With AMCs issued out of SPVs, we create a fully ring-fenced and bankruptcy-remote solution that can be used for various different cases.

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Yield and Capital Protection

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Sector Play

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European Equities

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