Securities Services

Tailor-made solutions to your needs, from trading and execution to custody and clearing services

In a nutshell

  • We are your trusted partner, servicing you throughout the trading and the post-trade process
  • We offer true customer centricity with a single point of contact throughout our custody and clearing services
  • We deliver comprehensive services across multiple markets, whilst ensuring continued regulatory compliance, thus reducing capital and financing costs
  • We provide a broad market access and rapid implementation without any hidden costs
  • We design and deliver tailor-made services to meet your special needs

What we offer

The cost, the complexity of regulatory compliance, the need to adapt to market infrastrucutre change, as well as technological innovations and deal with competitive pressure are some of the challenges that customers are facing nowadays.


ISP Group is your trusted partner, providing you with a single point of contact and covering the process of securities services, which includes:

  • direct market access
  • order execution
  • listed and OTC clearing and bilateral and central clearing
  • cross-border settlement and domestic settlement in direct account at CSD
  • local/sub custody and safekeeping
  • corporate events
  • income processing
  • tax reclaim, proxy voting and fund administration
  • transfer agent, fund distribution and subscription and redemption


In order to be able to meet demand for new markets and asset classes, we provide you with:

  • High responsiveness to your needs and low lead time by providing timely and accurate information
  • Personalized and totally customized solutions, as we believe that no solution fits all
  • Direct information and deep knowledge for the wide range of your needs
  • High-​quality services, financial integrity and compliance, as regulated custodian and securities firm supervised by FINMA, ISA and SFC
  • A specialized team with a wide expertise, dedicated to support and guide you throughout the whole process

Meet our Team

Our interdisciplinary team is ready to design and deliver tailor-made services to your needs through a unique blend of deep expertise, high touch service and latest technology. Meet our experts and contact them to explore mutual interests.