Placement Agent Services

In a nutshell

  • We are a leading European placement agent
  • We represent and distribute top tier asset managers to institutional investors
  • We add value to managers by efficiently introducing relevant Investors from our network
  • We add value to our investors by understanding their requirements with regard to managers and investments
  • Our core distribution markets are Switzerland, Germany and Israel.
  • Our fund managers are mainly based in the US, UK, France, Switzerland and Israel
  • Our focused asset classes include private equity, private debt, real estate, private infrastructure and special situations

More specifically

We represent and distribute emerging and established top tier asset managers to institutional investors. Our specialists have a profound understanding of the requirements within the institutional wealth management processes. 

Our offering focusses on non-conflicting mandates in alternative investments which include mutual funds, hedge funds and private investment strategies such as private equity and private debt.

We operate offices in Switzerland, Israel and Liechtenstein.

Our seasoned capital placement team works in a close relationship with leading institutional investors. With awareness of the specific needs, portfolio allocation processes and targets across strategies and asset classes, we assist our clients throughout the entire investment cycle, from idea generation to selection, due diligence, investment and divestment processes.

We add value to investment managers by efficiently introducing the relevant investors.

We add value to our investors by understanding their requirements relating to their investments and the respective managers, and enable herewith efficiency increases in the investment decision-making process.  

Private Markets

  • Private Debt
  • Private Equity
  • Private Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Special Situations

Public Markets (Alternatives)

  • Credit
  • Equity
  • Systematic