Paying Agent and Asset Services

In a nutshell

  • We create securities with Swiss ISINs (International Security Identification Number)
  • We service these securities during their lifetime (coupon & dividend payments, corporate actions, etc.)
  • We enable trading and execution of secondary transactions in these securities
  • We offer segregated account keeping and segregated asset custody
  • We work with our own in-house core banking system
  • We are a FINMA-regulated Swiss Securities Firm
  • We are a SIX SIS participant
  • We are a SIX SWX reporting member

More specifically

We provide the institutional and regulated connection between SIX, the structurer and the issuer of  financial instruments. Our services include the initial creation of a security with a Swiss ISIN (International Security Identification Number) as well as the asset servicing of this security during its lifetime. The latter includes the handling of dividends, coupons and principal payments to the security holder on behalf of the issuer, as well as all other corporate actions.

The instruments for which we create bankable securities range from a simple securitisation of private company shares (equity) or private debt (bonds), to tracker certificates on other assets, actively managed certificates (AMCs) on a portfolio of assets, credit linked notes (CLN) and convertible credit linked notes (CCLN).

The underlying assets of such instruments range from liquid, illiquid, public and private financial assets, real assets including commodities, real estate, alternative investments such as art, to intangible assets such as intellectual property (IP) on music, fashion and film as well as crypto assets, currencies and security tokens.

Our clients enjoy direct global market access for all trading and execution requirements for their own as well as their managed portfolios (e.g. for AMCs), either through direct access (DAC) to our in-house trading desk or via our direct electronic access.

We service securitisation platforms in different jurisdictions including Guernsey, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and offer the flexibility to add additional jurisdictions.