Fixed Income

In a nutshell

  • We provide liquidity and have access to large private and institutional pools
  • We trade over USD 1bn cash bonds per month
  • Our universe includes sovereign, investment grade, high yield and emerging market currencies
  • We are a team of experienced fixed income sales traders covering desks in Zurich, Geneva and Tel Aviv
  • We service institutional investors, private banks, family offices, dealing rooms and hedge funds
  • We manage trading and settlement relationships with >350 counterparties
  • We enable facilitated trading through Bloomberg TSOX

More specifically

With a team of experienced Fixed Income Sales Traders with desk coverage for Zurich, Geneva and Tel Aviv, we service a diversified client base which includes institutional investors, private banks, multi- and single family offices, dealing rooms and hedge funds.

We manage and have open trading lines with an extraordinarily large number of counterparties in the fixed-income space with more than 350 open counterparties.

We focus on unique local relationships and have full access to the Swiss & Israeli institutional markets. We offer around-the-clock execution, including late US/Asian hours. Our total cash bond trading volume exceeds USD 1 bn per month.

We are proud of our long and proven track record of providing superior pricing for Switzerland’s biggest investment houses.

We offer tailor-made, in-house research and opinions to institutional investors, prepared by our senior analysts relying on vast buy-side experience. We follow a bottom-up approach and focus on single undervalued names.