Celebrating Our Contribution to Foundation WFJB’s Mission


Celebrating Our Contribution to Foundation WFJB’s Mission

We recently donated technological equipment to the Foundation WFJB (Stiftung Wohnraum für jüngere Behinderte). The Foundation operates three houses with about 80 clients with neurological diseases in the canton of Zurich and provides personal and communal living space for adults aged between 18 and 65 years.

Contributing to such a big cause and supporting Foundation WFJB’s mission is very important to us. Michael Swift and Katerina Zachari were honoured to deliver this equipment personally to Karen Grimm, Department for Quality and Projects, and Nathalie Mannino, Manager of one of the Houses, Wohnhuus Meilihof in Ebertswil.

During our visit, we had the privilege of touring the facility and witnessing firsthand the incredible work taking place within its walls. The activities area buzzed with creativity as residents immersed themselves in painting, crafting, pottery, and language learning. It’s evident that Wohnhuus Meilihof provides not only essential care but also enriching opportunities for well-being and self-expression.

The impact of the Foundation extends far beyond its walls. By fostering a supportive environment, the facility makes it possible for residents to explore their interests and talents, enabling them to make a significant contribution to enriching the fabric of our society. Its commitment to inclusion and empowerment sets a shining example for communities everywhere.

We extend our gratitude to the representatives of the Foundation WFJB and the Wohnhuus Meilihof for giving us the opportunity to witness the impactful work taking place at the facility firsthand. We are grateful to be a part of its mission and to have the chance to contribute to its efforts.

Learn more about the Foundation WFJB (Stiftung WFJB) here.

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