Structured Credit

We manage portfolios of collateralised loan obligations (CLOs) and asset-backed securities. We have been active in the space since 1999 and experienced several cycles, with a proven track record of high returns via trading strategies during sell-offs (dot-com bubble burst, 9/11, 2008 financial crisis, European sovereign debt crisis and Brexit).

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Flagship ISP CLO Opportunity Fund

Our experienced CLO fund management team currently manages a single fund with the investment objective of creating attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing and actively trading different classes of CLOs, seeking to optimise risk and return in the context of market conditions and macroeconomic risk factors. The fund seeks to employ a fundamentals-based relative value framework in constructing a portfolio primarily focused on exploiting market inefficiencies in CLOs across the capital structure.

Customised Managed Accounts

In our managed accounts, we pride ourselves in our ability to ramp up buy-and-hold strategies that give specific exposure to the risk that our clients seek. Our clients benefit from access to a club market, where real opportunities are available to a limited number of large and sophisticated investors.

Over the years, we have positioned ourselves to source investment opportunities from (distressed) sellers and nurtured a strong relationship with the street, where we get first and last looks, strong allocations and “clean-up” trades. We are proud of our strong execution capabilities in the secondary market, which are instrumental in making any good strategy a reality.

Customised Managed Accounts
Our history
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Our strength. Our people.

Our team combines several decades and investment cycles of experience in trading CLOs across the capital structure. We are specialists in both debt and equity, with a successful history of ramping up buy-and-hold strategies. We have exposure to high trading volumes and access to opportunities limited to a few market participants. 

As part of a wide network, we are able to source opportunities across both sides of the Atlantic.

We are proud of our track record of delivering high returns by minimising risks through active management style and trading, but mostly, we are proud of always remaining aligned with investors.